Everyone in "HERO" works on being a company and team that is able to enrich everyone's lives, as well as job.
Hopefully, we can be a team that overflows with such feelings and that can grow with people who sympathize with our thoughts.


We never lose our challenging spirit.

『もっとチャレンジしたい』この想いでHERO.incは誕生しました。 自分の人生を振り返った時に、ふと、自分のやりたいことはなんだろうと思うことがありました。もっと刺激的に、毎日がやりがいに溢れた人生を歩みたい。人生の主役は自分自身です。安定して毎日を過ごすこともできますが、まずはやってみることを大事にしたい。

"We want to overcome more challenges". HERO.inc was born from the heart. When we look back at our lives, we suddenly began to think about what wanted to do as a child. We want to go on in a life filled with worthwhile and exciting days. You are the leading protagonist of your life. Of course, we we can live stably- However, we want to try first.


Valued experiences.


Not only work, but also traveling, enjoying paintings at museums, and watching movies- Through experiencing more things, we gain many hints about how we can overflow and enrich our lives. We want to go to many places to share in the experience. All of your experience must be your own asset. To look for stimulating experiences everytime time is what we think is important.


Curiosity, interest, and zest- all dreams start here.

何かをやりたい!こんな風になりたい!あれが好き!これが好き!子供の頃に抱いていた感情を大事にしたい。そこから夢ができたり、目標ができたりしていくものだと思います。  その夢を叶えられるチーム、企業になるには、夢や希望を持った仲間がいることが必要です。まずは素直な気持ちを持って感情に正直になってみる。

We want to maintain what we felt when we were children, like what we want to do, what we want to be like, and what we like. From that point onwards, we believe these pure feelings can make dreams and set goals. We need members who have dreams and goals to be a team and company that can make them come true. First, you need to be honest with your emotions.


The timing is always there! We've won!


The best time to take chances is "now". You may want to procrastinate due to the initial feeling of worry before trying something. If you want to grow, it is better to do it now. A higher level of thinking awaits you afterwards. We predict that we will have a fantastic time. Unless we try, we never realize these things. Try first. The winner must be someone who tried.


We value relationships and fortune. Remember gratitude every time.


"People" and "people" have a connection. Fate and doing what is right for people is important. Live a luck filled life. To thank, respect, and always treat people with humble attitudes is our goal. Keep in mind that there are always people who are involved with you, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Being proud of yourself will change your surroundings.